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3 Jun

Over the past several months, I’ve managed to pick up some pretty amazing deals. By amazing deals I don’t mean finding items 50 or 60% off, but more like 90% or more off. Of the 5 items below, 2 were brand new. The other 3 while used where all practically in mint condition. One point of interest: all my great finds have been in neutral colors. One theory I had while sifting through the racks at Nashville’s UAL is that it’s easier for neutral items to get lost amidst crowded quarters while bright items are more likely to stick out and get plucked up before the discounts go even lower.

Black pleated top by Brian Reyes

Originally $525

Paid $25 (new) at UAL Nashville

Brown dress pants by Yigal Azrouel

Originally $590

Paid $25 (new) at UAL Nashville

Tan heels by Marc Jacobs

Estimated retail $700

Paid $22 (like new condition) at Clothing Xchange Nashville

Grey quilted leather purse circa 1980s by Jay Herbert

Found similar items online for $50-90

Paid $2.50 at Found Treasures in Valley Junction, West Des Moines

Grey suede heels by Jessica Simpson

Estimated retail $70

Paid $2.50 (like new condition) at Found Treasures in Valley Junction


Testing 1, 2, 3

30 May

I spent the past semester finishing up my undergraduate career at Vanderbilt and posting weekly for Unfortunately, that did not leave me much time to maintain my blog over the past several months, but I am back in action this summer as I prepare myself for a graduate program in Luxury & Fashion Management at Savannah College of Art & Design.

As I was glancing over the various Spring 2011 RTW collections in hopes of some warm weather inspiration, I was struck by Zac Posen’s show. That collection was Posen’s first showing in Paris and the magical influence of the City of Lights was certainly evident in his elegant yet fanciful creations as seen below.

Inspired by this collection, I created a not so literal interpretation with items (excluding a $225 Michael Kors watch) under $100. The gorgeous textures and feathers of Posen’s creations may not be practical for the average college graduate, but summer is the perfect time for a little eclecticism.



Don t Ask Amanda lace top
$50 –

TopShop underwire top
$44 –

Flower pants
$60 –

Zara leather shoes
$100 –

Zara heel pumps
$100 –

ASOS clutch bag

Michael Kors gold plated jewelry
$225 –

TopShop square earring
$25 –

ASOS stud earring
$11 –

I Could Never Be Your Woman

17 Dec

The quick among you have surely picked up on my naming posts after song titles. Thanks to the magic that is PandoraJam (download it is life changing) I stumbled across a lovely little ditty by the name of “Your Woman” which goes something along the lines of “I could never be the right kind of girl for you. I could never be your women, etc. etc.”. The song is actually sung by a man, but details. I’ve resisted writing this post long enough, but I made it through finals and I can only stand so much studying for the GRE. So below you’ll find pictures of my worst nightmares for men’s attire. I’m not too picky. Basically I like to go by the mantra: Dress your age. Act your age.

My hips are bigger than yours. I don’t really need such an obvious reminder of that fact.


I just can’t take fedoras seriously outside a gangster movie. Shoot me.


Graphic tees were cute in middle school. Please dress like a grown adult.


And now for the

“Be still my heart portion of this post”


Real men wear suits or at the very least have a few at their disposal. Lesson learned? Class dismissed.

My Grown Up Christmas List

6 Dec

Happy 20 days ’till Christmas. As I look over my Christmas wish list this year, I’m struck by how old and boring I’ve apparently become (I turned 21.5 today!) But let’s be real, you’re much better off asking for solid staples for Christmas gifts. Grandmas (well except mine, of course) aren’t generally to be trusted with the task of finding the perfect pair of heels or figure flattering frock. So keep the everyday pieces that can easily be found online for your family’s list and save the fun shopping for yourself. My list of practical requests is below to get you started.

J. Crew Corduroys

The new skinny jeans. Expect a rousing lecture from grandpa on the benefits of such a durable fabric.

TOMS Cordones

Your activist aunt will no doubt love to buy you such a practical gift that supports a great cause.

Etienne Aigner Riding Boots

Daddy never bought you a pony? The least he can do is get you a pair of riding boots.

Woolrich Flannel Shirt

Don’t worry Grandma, I wouldn’t dare wear this outside the house and jeopardize my future husband prospects.

Accessorize for a Cause

6 Dec

Vanderbilt’s Fashion for a Cause is holding another great event tomorrow. If you’re in Nashville, make sure to stop by the Schulman Center on Vandy’s campus between 11:30am and 2pm tomorrow, December 6th. There will be several vendors including Hemline, Posh, and Studio 615 offering their seasonal accessories with a portion of the proceeds going to the TN Youth Connection!!

I Found a Reason

15 Nov
Let us not live more in apathy born of fatalism
 than in passion born of hope.

I had an excellent Sunday. Went to church (above quote was from the liturgy) and then spent the rest of the day with one of my nearest and dearest friends. Laura and I have been super close ever since our study abroad adventures in Australia the summer after our freshmen year. So, that got me thinking about how much has changed in my life and my wardrobe over the past three and a half years. So without further ado, I present a quick review of my college career along with lessons I’ve learned- fashion related and otherwise.

Freshmen Year

High school and college have very few things in common.

Being a biology major is not for me.

Wearing heels to class is really not practical.

Freshmen year is the last time certain things are acceptable- like wearing cropped jackets.


Sophomore Year

The best and most interesting things always happen when you least expect it.

I want to work in the fashion industry (and it’s ok to admit I’d rather do that than work in public health)

The magic of purple denim shorts. (Or shorts as eveningwear in general)

The appeal of something so simplistic (not the same as boring) of a little black dress.


Junior Year

Leading an organization teaches you more about yourself and life than any formal schooling can.

The choices we make are important for our future not only because they form our next steps but because they set a pattern for how we choose to react and act.

The importance of staple pieces (MK watch, Diesel black jeans, etc)

Waiting till you’re 20 to get your ears pierced makes shopping for earrings super exciting.


Senior Year

You can’t always get what you want but you get what you need (Thanks Rolling Stones)

I’ve come so far but still have so much to learn.

Red lipstick is the best thing since sliced bread.

Vintage clothing works as well for everyday wear as it does for a costume party.



Dance in the Dark

10 Nov

I wish I had something to tell you about the inspiration for this outfit. Instead, it merely came to me this morning the desire to wear a bubble skirt. Then I thought to myself, “hm, I wonder what that would look like with a crop top and a tuxedo jacket?” I was told I look pulled together. Most likely the first time someone wearing a crop top with sequined swans has ever been told that, so documentation was clearly necessary. (Also, had some fun playing with my blinds for different shadowing.)

Perfect shadow of a leaf on my face??


Product Info: Jacket- Zac Posen for Target, Crop Top- Wet Seal, Skirt- H&M, Shoes- Vintage, Earrings – Betsey Johnson, Watch- Michael Kors