My Grown Up Christmas List

6 Dec

Happy 20 days ’till Christmas. As I look over my Christmas wish list this year, I’m struck by how old and boring I’ve apparently become (I turned 21.5 today!) But let’s be real, you’re much better off asking for solid staples for Christmas gifts. Grandmas (well except mine, of course) aren’t generally to be trusted with the task of finding the perfect pair of heels or figure flattering frock. So keep the everyday pieces that can easily be found online for your family’s list and save the fun shopping for yourself. My list of practical requests is below to get you started.

J. Crew Corduroys

The new skinny jeans. Expect a rousing lecture from grandpa on the benefits of such a durable fabric.

TOMS Cordones

Your activist aunt will no doubt love to buy you such a practical gift that supports a great cause.

Etienne Aigner Riding Boots

Daddy never bought you a pony? The least he can do is get you a pair of riding boots.

Woolrich Flannel Shirt

Don’t worry Grandma, I wouldn’t dare wear this outside the house and jeopardize my future husband prospects.


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