Five for Fall

24 Jul

The summer is winding to an end, and I’m sure you’re starting to think about you’re back to school purchases. I’ve come up with 5 essential items to help transition your wardrobe from summer to fall, so make sure you add them to your list if you don’t already have them in your closet (if you do, feel free to buy a spare- you’ll wear it).

#1: The Romper

I decided to start out of the gates with the one piece I know about 80% of you are going to be scared of. But you shouldn’t be because unlike its older cousin the jumpsuit with harem pants, the romper is actually flattering on the majority of the female population. Think of it as a sundress with the added bonus of not having to worry about a strong wind coming along and sweeping up your skirt. A lightweight cotton romper is the perfect piece for a eventful Friday. It’s comfortable enough to sit in class in, trendy enough to wear on a quick afternoon shopping jaunt down to Hillsboro Village (or your own collegiate district), forgiving in the middle enough to wear while filling your belly with dinner at Chili’s, and flirty enough to pair with heels for a frat party. I’ve sold you- haven’t I?


Romper by nashmoines featuring What Goes Around Comes Around romper

#2: Nude High Heels

I purchased my first pair of nude colored high heels last summer, and it’s certainly a purchase I’ve never regretted. They elongate your legs and are perfect with any outfit from a pair of jeans to a white dress. Wearing nude heels instead of shoes that match your outfit will keep you from looking too Stepford Wives and I promise you won’t even look at your black high heels until we’ve hit the season where tights are necessary.


Tan by nashmoines featuring Steve Madden shoes

#3: Chain Strap Bag

How big is your everyday purse? Now think about how much you need to have with you at a party or anytime really you’re not in class? ID, credit cards, small amount of cash, cell phone. Don’t even try to convince me you carry around a check book. It’s the 21st century. So trade in your hobo bag for one of this season’s smaller chain strap bags. They’re classic enough to carry with a grown-up dress but also cheeky enough to pair with a tank, skinny jeans, and sandals.


Chain by nashmoines featuring Kate Spade bags

#4: The Grown-Up Dress

Blame it on the Mad Men craze or just on Prada’s ladylike fall line. Either way plan on making a space in your closet for a tailored dress that hits right above the knee. You’ll be happy you did when you have a job interview or wake up late on the morning of a class presentation. Slipping into a dress is just so much easier than trying to figure out at 8am which top really tucks in well to your high-waisted skirt. Remember: spandex, plunging necklines, or spaghetti straps does not a grown-up dress make (at least not this kind).

#5: A Cardigan with an Attititude…

Fellows that were in the mood. Don’t just stand there. Let’s get to it. Strike a pose there’s nothing to it. Vogue, vogue, vogue….

Sorry for that brief Madonna break, but seriously ditch your fleece pullover this fall for a cardigan that can contain your awesomeness. Whether you pick a brightly hued cardigan or just an old white standby paired with pearls and a wink, your cardigan can be your perfect go-to piece to throw over a tee-shirt, dress, or romper (hint, hint).


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