When You Were Young

3 May

So, for those of you who keep up with this blog, you might remember me referencing a design project for my History of Fashion class. I decided to complete my design project digitally using polyvore sets that are similar to what I use for the rest of my blogging.


For this eight look collection, I have used Emma Watson as my muse. As a college student and celebrity, Emma needs a wide range of apparel. The collection is a mix of pieces from British and American designers with some French and Italian influences to symbolizes Emma’s progression from a young British starlet to a well-dressed American co-ed.

Look #1: Daywear

At its base, this look is comprised of a basic v-neck tee and jean shorts paired with sandals that would be worn by any college student. However, the gorgeously geometric Sass & Bide jacket and Burberry bag and necklace make this daytime look paparazzi ready.


Look1 by mkltrouble featuring Burberry

Look #2: Formal Evening Outfit

This ensemble is red carpet ready with a beautifully draped Vivienne Westwood gown, architecturally inspired heels, and a playful purse.


Look2 by mkltrouble featuring Diego Dolcini shoes

Look #3: Cocktail Outfit

This gorgeous hot pink Temperley frock paired with designer jewelry would be perfect for a number of events that might come Emma’s way from a formal college party to an appearance on the carpet at the Teen Choice Awards.


Look3 by mkltrouble featuring Temperley London dresses

Look #4: Menswear

No, this look is not for Emma, but rather for one of her fashion forward male friends at Brown who isn’t afraid to rock a pink sneaker.


Look4 by mkltrouble featuring Paul Smith vests

Look #5: Leisurewear

Emma chose to live in Brown’s dorms for her freshman year. If she continues to do so is unknown but regardless of if she lives in the dorm or a Rhode Island apartment, Emma needs to always look pulled together in case the paparazzi are waiting outside her door.


Look5 by mkltrouble featuring Matters of Leisure robes

Look #6: Sporting Look

This workout outfit is perfect for any student with the sleek Stella McCartney for Adidas leggings and Nike top with a comfortable zip up jacket to don on the way to and from the gym.


Look6 by mkltrouble featuring Nike

Look #7: Day-to-Night Look #1

As a busy college student and celebrity, Emma needs a versatile look that can get her through a day of classes and a dinner with her agent. This look is solidly anchored by a mesh overlay Fendi skirt with chunky heels and an oversized Quentin McKay bag keeping the look practical for every occasion.


Look7 by mkltrouble featuring Jessica Simpson jewelry

Look #8: Day-to-Night Look #2

This second versatile outfit features skinny jeans and a beautifully tailored jacket that can be taken off to expose a floaty white top perfect for a dorm party.


Look8 by mkltrouble featuring Diane Von Furstenberg shoes


One Response to “When You Were Young”

  1. Priscilla May 6, 2010 at 6:50 pm #

    Hello!! I am a fellow sailor girl…from the Delta Kappa chapter of Delta Gamma at USF!!! Cute blog!! LOVE IT!!! Forever ITB!

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