strictly business

25 Nov

Vandy kids are fairly well dressed, but that doesn’t mean we all have closets full of work-appropriate clothing. This especially applies to girls since unlike the guys we can hardly wear the same attire to a job interview that we would to a fraternity formal. The biggest challenge is to put together ensembles that are professional but not passé. One thing to keep in mind is that closed toed shoes are a must, and depending on what type of company you are interviewing, interning, or working at you may want to pull on a pair of hose. It can be difficult to find the right balance of conservaitve and chic, but there are several ways to achieve a savvy look such as a tailored dress, structured seperates, or even a suit.


Maggy London at Nordstrom’s ($98)

Stuart Weitzman at Bluefly ($177)

Skirt and Blouse

Cheap Monday at Ssense ($85)

Talbots ($49)

Topshop ($18)

N.Y.L.A. at Endless ($99.95)


Limited ($198)

Limited ($59.50)

Limited ($98)

DKNYC at Zappos ($98)


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