Food and Fashion Friday: Hong Kong and Denim on Denim

19 Jun

My recommendation for Des Moines area dining this week is Hong Kong- the delicious Chinese restaurant located in the Uptown Shopping Center at the corner of 42nd St. and University Ave. in Des Moines. The food is always delicious and fast, and Hong Kong is definitely on the top of my list of places I crave when I’m away at school. I particularly love their chicken lo mein and and fried dumplings. Hong Kong also has a cheap lunch and dinner buffet with Chinese food staples.

The questionable trend for the day is a continuation of something I touched on earlier in the week: denim on denim. In my head, this trend conjures up images of farmers and middle aged women who also think furry flip-flops are also fashionable. But, as always, I’m willing to give this trend a chance. So, I’ll evaluate a couple of all denim looks starting with this one.


To start with, the bottom half of the outfit is impeccable. Where it starts to get a little dicey is the jacket. The ruffles at the bottom of the jacket with the pink bow around the waist are a little ridiculous, but in a way that’s what makes this outfit work. The model’s glasses ramp up the quirky factor and tell onlookers that she’s not taking herself too seriously. Because of that this a look I could see working on the street, but it’s definitely not for everyone. This is definitely the kind of outfit you have to wear and not let it wear you otherwise you’ll just look silly (well sillier than if you have a great swagger and confidence). Now onto item #2.


Denim jackets can often be questionable, but I absolutely love this military style jacket. In fact, I think this look is the epitome of how to wear denim on denim. The super light colored jeans let the jacket be the main event, and the silver top doesn’t try to steal the spotlight either. So, maybe the key to wearing denim on denim is to have one statement piece and keep the rest of the look understated. That is if you choose to wear this style. I, myself, have not completely decided whether it’s for me or not. If you decide to hop on the denim on denim train just please make sure to look more like the picture above then this picture of Christina Ricci.



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